About Us

Ho Math and Chess is the world's largest franchised math and chess specialty learning centre and is the leader in the supplemental math specialty education using chess as a teaching tool.  It is renowned for its world's first integrated math and chess teaching method and math workbooks.  Ho Math and Chess sets itself apart from other learning centres or chess clubs because of it's unique teaching method that truly integrates chess into a math curriculum. Most importantly, Ho Math and Chess believes children learn best when they are having fun!

Ho Math and Chess Vancouver East location is run by Mr. Aaron Woo. Aaron has a Bachelor of Education degree majoring in mathematics and general science with over 20 years of high school teaching and tutoring experience. Aaron's extensive teaching experience in the public school system before running Ho Math and Chess has gained him valuable insight into the school math curriculum for all math grade levels. 

Elementary school aged students are taught by Mrs. Jeannie Weng. Jeannie has over 20 years of tutoring experience with young children.  Her teaching charisma and strong dedication has helped very many students succeed and enjoy the process of learning math no matter what math ability they started with.

What We Do

We offer tutoring services in Mathematics for Elementary and High school aged children.

Our math computation techniques do not deviate from the method taught in traditional educational settings. No memorization of special rules required when performing computations. The computation methodology the students will learn at Ho Math and Chess is completely in line with their school curriculum so there will be no confusion.

However, using our teaching method, it will enhance a child's ability to understand math better. We have designed a curriculum that inspires children to understand the relationships between math operations. The relation between chess and math that the students will learn at Ho Math and Chess will also enhance their understanding of math concepts learned at school.

Why does Ho Math and Chess Program Work

Research has shown that chess benefits a child's math skills, mainly because chess involves many mathematical concepts, especially some that are not learned at lower grades. Ho Math and Chess integrates chess symbols, chess values and chess moves into math workbooks. This innovative teaching method provides children with a new, fun and more interesting way to learn math. A simple computation problem can become a multi-step and more challenging problem.

We create a learning environment which is fun. Children learn best while they have fun. Our
 proprietary and copyrighted teaching materials are created in multi-concept, multidirectional, and multi-step to further stimulate student's interest in learning mathematics. Our workbooks and teaching method have been in use since 1995 and have been proven to be effective in improving student’s math scores.