Math and Chess Website Links

A Plus Math
This website was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. There are game rooms, flashcards, math word find puzzles, worksheets, video explanations, and much more.

Ask Dr. Math
Do you have math questions? This website gets the scoop on dozens of commonly requested topics in Dr. Math's Frequently Asked Questions. There is an archive selection of over 10,000, already asked and answered.

BrainPop Math Calculation Computations
This website contains entertaining, animated videos on all math topics and much more.

Breaking Away from the Mathbook
This website has a wealth of over 75 lesson plans and creative projects for kindergarten to grade 8. There are also a number of artices about mathematics.

Chess'n Math Association
This is Canada's National Scholastic Chess Organization with three different locations. You will be able to find chess tournament events and ratings of the top Canadian chess players in all age groups.

Cool Math for Kids
This website is an amusement park of math especially designed for kids with many lessons and an abundance of information.

Grogono Magic Squares
A Magic Square is intriguing; its complexity challenges the mind. The number of different magic squares is astonishing. This website reflects the fascination with these large numbers and presents techniques aimed at explaining and reducing the huge numbers in magic squares.

Interactive Math Games
This website allows you to create your own interactive math games. There are also over 60 pre-made interactive games that kids will enjoy.

Internet Math Library
Are you researching math or math education content? This searchable, annotated library gives you quick access to thousands of the best math and math education-related resources on the web.

Math Directory for Kids
This website provides colourful definitions along with examples of an abundace of math terms.

Math League
This website specializes in math contests, books, and computer software designed to stimulate interest and confidence in mathematics for students from the 4th grade through high school. There are over 1 million students who participate in Math League contests each year.

Math Projects Journal
This website is dedicated to improving mathematics education by empowering teachers with innovative math lessons and ideas that embrace the following principles for teaching mathematics: Standards, Concepts, Substance, Accountability, and Rapport.