Elementary Math Program

This program introduces students to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, along with learning fundamental chess. As students progress and improve through the course, whole number operations increase in difficulty. Students will work on mastering math concepts (whether it is remedial or advanced), learn chess tactics and strategies and develop problem-solving techniques. Classes also cover any necessary review of school material, help with homework and test preparation.

High School Math Program

This program helps high school students keep up or get ahead of their studies at school.  Our workbooks aim to efficiently help students master concepts and prepare for quizzes and tests at school to raise their math grades.

All classes have a low instructor to student ratio. All instructors are either certified teachers or experienced tutors with at least a Bachelor degree with specialization in math. All classes are two hours long and they are conducted in English. Students may be assessed (Math Ability Assessment) at the beginning of the program free of charge. 

English Program

This program places great emphasis on grammar, writing skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary. Classes are taught in a separate classroom dedicated to English only. 

Instructor to student ratio is always 1 to 4 or less. All instructors are either certified teachers, experienced tutors with at least a Bachelor degree, or specialist in their teaching subjects. All classes are one hour long with the option of extending it to two hours.